What is The Wild Happiness Project?

Wild Happiness is your human right, your purpose. It isn’t something you buy or learn but rediscover because it has always been there.

Here a space for your Wild Happiness to thrive. A space for your spirit to rise above the ego, where happiness is a fundamental given, not something intangible and fleeting. Wild Happiness is giving yourself permission to discover everything you want in your life and to actually make it happen. The first rule of Wild Happiness is ‘ALL things are possible’. Like Pablo Picasso said “Everything you can imagine is real”.

Wild Happiness is a place to uncover a more holistic approach to living, it is bootcamp for you soul and a way to connect with that pulsating happiness within your spirit.

Whether you’re just starting your spiritual journey or well into it, Wild Happiness is for everyone. There are no religious affiliations here but we do believe in a higher creative power, you may call it God, Buddha, Allah, Universe, Creative Force, Divine Mother or Father or anything else you like but its an acknowledgement that we are all connected and all a part of something bigger made up of light and love.

Here at The Wild Happiness Project we run The Spirit Detox workshops to channel your inner miracle-making badass, we provide one-on-one holistic mentoring, and meditation classes and programs.

We also offer private classes and corporate events.

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